Sunday, October 29, 2017

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The main track for the next EP is done! :D Just need to do the finishing mixing & mastering touches and wait for the remixers to finish up. According to plan and my label boss, everything should be released in early January 2018!

A 'lil fun fact... originally I intended to release another EP without distorted vocals - it will be released next year eventually - but since I lack the time as of now to practice shout vocals I wrote a completely new track in 3 hours! Even lyrics which take a lot of time for me were written in around 2 hours or so. The cover was designed in 20 minutes by me. I guess this was the fastest production by me. But it was the determination to finally release something new to the crowd that drove me so fast on this, since the last release was Summer 2016...

As of the time of this post I've recieved two remixes so far, which are absolutely awesome!! I'm looking forward to the rest of the remixes, but once I have everything, the rest will be quick as mastering only takes around 6 hours for me.

The post title should be a hint to the track/EP name, but I guess it will be obvious for the most.

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